Episode #1: LeeAnn Carnegie                (Southern Ontario)

Our Purpose

        Right Here Beside Us:

  Rethinking Sasquatch's Whereabouts

                  Here We Go:

     On the Brink of a Revolution in Sasquatch Research

Episode #2: SnowWhiteBigfoot (Ohio)

            The Reo Reel:

          How Sasquatch and Homo Sapiens Territories Intersect

        Sasquatch & Serendipity:

   How Three Lucky Breaks Taught me Where to Find Them

The Edge Preference

 Episode #5: Glen Parkison (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

    Colorado Bigfoot:

  Much Closer than we Imagined

     A Stunning Discovery

    in my Own Back Yard

Episode #7: Wasach Wendigo (Utah)

The Mind of Sasquatch

Episode #9: brown dwarf

    (Northern California)

        That Certain Someone:

What's so Fascinating about Sasquatch Anyway?

Episode #3: Angeles Sasquatch (Los Angeles)

A brief message from Christopher Noël

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Episode #4: Kev is Squatchin (Utah)

A Fake Tree House?

Is it Morally Wrong to Seek Sasquatch?

Episode #6: Buddy Britt (Paris, Texas)

Taking the Random Forest Challenge

How to "Talk" to the Neighbors

Episode #8: Mononga Hela 

       Just Because:

An Ode to Sasquatch Structures

Episode #10: David Ellis and Donna

              (Washington State)

Sasquatch is a Human Species:

Why Melba Ketchum was Right about the DNA

       Episode #12: Rod Nichols

               (San Antonio)

Episode #11: Rick Reles and Mindspeak

      At the Sasquatch Keyhole:

  Six Months, a Micro Forest, and a Good Pair

                    of Headphones

Through interviews with researchers all across North America, this podcast aims to raise awareness of the extremely close proximity between human civilization and our wild and ingenious next of kin.

If you have been documenting evidence of Sasquatch near your home and/or near a city or town and would like to be considered as a guest on the podcast, or if you know of someone who might, please contact me at NextofKinNextDoor@gmail.com 

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