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Sasquatch Field Research Documentary

Videos from my YouTube channel: Impossible Visits 


  What Makes Sasquatch Fascinating?


             Nine Glimpses:

           The Daily Life of Sasquatch

Sasquatch and Autism

Sasquatch is a Fellow Human Species

             The Patterson Film:

   All You Need to Know to be 100% Convinced

        Sasquatch Camouflage:

            The Role of Hair and Oil

     The Voice of Authority: 

            Male Sasquatch Shouts

  Sasquatch Up Close and Personal:

       My Two Years of Learning in the Ravine

    Clear Sasquatch Fingerprints:

              Ohio and Texas

         Next of Kin Next Door:

  On the New Wave of Sasquatch Research

  Remarks Made for Christopher Turner's Film "Elusive"

           A Recent Interview

The Paris, Texas, Experiment

My Appearance on "Finding Bigfoot"

Audio Analysis

Ode to Sasquatch Structures

My Books 


Sasquatch Song

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