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  What Makes Sasquatch Fascinating?


             Nine Glimpses:

           The Daily Life of Sasquatch

Sasquatch and Autism

Sasquatch is a Fellow Human Species

             The Patterson Film:

   All You Need to Know to be 100% Convinced

        Sasquatch Camouflage:

            The Role of Hair and Oil

     The Voice of Authority: 

            Male Sasquatch Shouts

  Sasquatch Up Close and Personal:

       My Two Years of Learning in the Ravine

    Clear Sasquatch Fingerprints:

              Ohio and Texas

         Next of Kin Next Door:

  On the New Wave of Sasquatch Research

  Remarks Made for Christopher Turner's Film "Elusive"

The Paris, Texas, Experiment

Conversation with Cornell Hanratty

Audio Analysis

My Appearance on "Finding Bigfoot"

Ode to Sasquatch Structures


Sasquatch Song

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